Designed, manufactured and assembled in the u.s.a

Split Case and Turbine pumps

 The HPSG is different than any other product in the industry?    

***The many Reasons to Install The High Pressure Slurry Gland***

  ​​The high pressure slurry gland eliminates up to 75% of the pump shaft deflection which allows for longer    bearing life.

  Eliminates the need for Gland Water   and Mechanical Seals.

Poor Gland Seal Water/Lack of Water

Saves $$$, Thousands of Dollars

Gland Seal Solutions

Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A.

​Any pump that has issues with mechanical seals

​The HPSG is the only gland on the market today that can handle all interrupted pumping conditions, without the need for seal water or any equipment modifications

Many different applications the HPSG can make a difference in.